Saturday, August 2, 2008


Kristen's new hair do. Her cool points and extreme hotness most definitely went up. She's had to do a lot since the last SHOOP INCIDENT (3 min 40 seconds into the clip). Unfortunately I didn't go to Comic Con this year, and I heard Kristen was only there for an hour. She didn't even let her fans take photos of her. What a let down to those that were there. Maybe she isn't as cool as we all thought.

On a cooler note, I did get to DJ for an ART SHOW that was located down the street from CON. I was playing on a street corner, bumping some serious break beats and talking on the mic, like I was someone special. Lee, the coordinator of the event, said some black dude in a wheel chair, rolled into the show and wanted him to give me some CDs and book. This is the book/comic he gave me.

Although I didn't see the guy in the wheelchair, I'm guessing that it was MF GRIMM, well known underground MC, from the 80s to present. Although I'm really not familiar with his music, I have heard his name being pass around, mostly in the late 90s. Just thought that night was kinda cool.


Skeme Richards said...

Damn, that sucks about your girl. But looks like someone had an appreciation for the music you were throwin down. Thats respect!