Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Great Extras

Seinfeld is probably one of the greatest shows ever created. This is partly due because of the great actors and characters they have on the show. If you've never watched this show about "nothing", I highly recommend picking up the DVD sets. The extras on Seinfeld are as equally, if not funnier than the lead characters. Here are my top 5 Seinfeld extras. They are numbered in order of ranking. Who are your favorites?

1. Frank Costanza

2. The attorney Jackie Chiles

3. Newman

4. Kenny Bania

5. David Puddy


stormko said...

"I lost my train of thought".

haha. I bet he actually did in real life, and they thought it was funny and kept it.

I believe it is "Jackie Chiles".

"It feels like an Arby's Night". hahahaha. I fucking love Puddy.

djmaneone said...

thanks storm
corrected it...

yeah I bet he did lose it in real life hahah

starberry said...

hmm. favorites....

yeah, frank is prolly my number one. jackie chiles wouldn't be on my list - but jack klompus would. puddy's on there. and newman too. and probably jerrys dad, morty. oh, and j. peterman.