Wednesday, January 30, 2008


So I remember starting this blog about me making beats. Well initially it was supposed to be a show that Storm and I were going to a comedy but I ended up not wanting to go through with it (my laziness again the problem). I've done some interviews here and there and I don't really know where the mane one show is going. Making this clip, made me realize how much weight I've put on. I use to be a bit leaner. I guess when your lazy already, and you're in a relationship, you become a wacker and fatter person. I'm heading to the gym right now.


starberry said...

you're a fuckin dork.


nice hair, dad.

stormko said...

Trying to recapture you manhood?

Be a man and impress me with your commercial.

djmaneone said...

as long as I'm impress with my own shit, that's all that matters

Kung Fu Pimp said...

You can do it, Mane One. I got faith.

Just stick to it.

Quicky1508 said...

I have faith in you mane,

whatever that may mean to you.