Friday, February 15, 2008

DANCETERIA IS TOMORROW.....My Latest Debacle :Trailer

Danceteria is tomorrow. I've heard that there is a big bboy event called BBOY UNIT in LA. I've heard that the event is a big event. WIll there be crickets at my jam tomorrow? I'm hoping for at least 80 people to come through. Right now, even the day before, I'm doing what I can to get a good amount of people there. Here's a trailer I made. Initially in my head it was going to be some cool and funny trailer. I think in ways it's still kinda funny just minus the cool part. Bad acting, bad dialogue, the use of a bad camera, and it's just bad (not meaning good). But I wanted to see what I could create from some of the things I shot for it, regardless of how it came out. I thought of this as a learning experience. WHo knows maybe it will have some kind of effect to the public? You never know until you try.

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