Monday, December 22, 2008

Ms. Fat Booty remix (Ms. Fat Mannie)

I get jazzed whenver I find a Louie track that works well with some drums. I was running out of acapellas, so I used Ms. Fat Booty. Mos is an MC I like, so why not. I thought the mood of the beat fit the lyrics to the song. It was hard syncing the music to the actual video, that's why only half the song is used. I was happy with this beat, hopefully I can find an MC that could do it some justice.


MJA said...

not bad. i'd need to hear it without the rap, but it seems as though it's missing something.

Anonymous said...

Im late on commentin on this, but THANK YOU MANE, for these mixes...damn addin that Louie Trumpet beauty to Mos is nothing but bliss.

Great Stuff!