Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Coleman and Charlie : Ballade

This youtube clip was taken from Norman Granz Presents Improvisation from 1950 and features two legendary saxophone players Coleman Hawkins and Charlie Parker. This is probably some of the best 2minutes and 50 seconds of music you'll ever see in your life. Charlie's little joking gesture 20 seconds into the clip makes me smile everytime. Who do you think plays better in this performance?


starberry said...

bird is bad ass, but i'm partial to coleman - his style agrees more with my taste.

Rawfiki said...

yooo..i just learned about them in my jazz history class these past couple weeks..thanks for postin

Rawfiki said...

actually it makes me want to pick up an alto sax again and start playing again

djmaneone said...

I'm for coleman
I'm more of a tenor man
but bird is great in that one solo
he definitly is one who took it to that next hear that hip hoppers?

Oli Wonder said...

I'm for the cool pres Lester Young hah. They're all good though