Thursday, May 22, 2008


I've spent the night in Chicago. Plane rides are so annoying. I hate that most airlines don't create a wide enough aisle for passengers. When passengers board the plane, it takes a while for everyone to sit down, because there are frequent stops when people put their carry-ons into the compartments. I hate it when the people that are sitting down already stare at you, like you're some loser that hasn't found a seat yet. What about the people that feel the need to have a glass of wine on the plane? Hahaha. Flying does have it's advantages, and malls do to. But each one contains the scum of the earth, and that's the drawback. Now off to look for some Deep Dish, the diet will have to hold off for a couple of days.


Kung Fu Pimp said...

Ah snap. Chu doin' in my city?

Mail me a slice of Pizza. Heavy on the dry ice, please!

art said...

Should've done an interview at the airport!!!..HAHA j/p man

Im sure you'll be glad once your home

Daks-Isa said...

Did you spend a night in Chicago or Chicago Club?!? My bad, it must've been both... HAHAHA!!!