Saturday, November 10, 2007

Found Treasure. 84 Mixtape Download

When Rock Rubin was at my house last week he let me borrow some of his old cassette tapes. Among his collection of classic music like Run DMC, Cold Crush VS. Fantastic, Busy Bee Vs. Kool Moe, I came across a gray TDK. The tape contained a battle from 1983 or 84 between two DJs in a sound system battle. I couldn't make out the names but it sounds like Fast Freddie Hilton Vs. Mace Johnson. It must've been recorded in New York because these two DJs were only playing breakbeats and the MC constantly yells out New York Rappers and Bboys throughout the tape. I uploaded it to my macspace so that you can all download this unknown treasure. Thanks Rock Rubin.
Lost Battle 84 Download


Porridge said...


Loving the mixes Mane. What happened to this '84 tape? Seems the link is down and I'd love to hear it.

Keep up the dopeness.