Tuesday, November 27, 2007


For the longest time in the world my favorite song of all time was My Cherie Amour by Stevie. I always loved the melody and felt I could relate to the song. Within the last 3 years or so, I began taking a more fond interest in JAZZ and JAZZ standards as it pertains to melodies. One standard I've grown quite fond of, and will probably call my new number 1 song of all time is Stardust. That melody is so dam fresh. The problem. Who's version do I like the most? So many great musicians and vocalists have done Stardust. Here are some great examples:

Clifford Brown

Louis Armstrong

Nat King Cole

Artie Shaw

Whom do you like????


Quicky1508 said...

I think my favorite out of these is Louis Armstrong's version. I've heard all of them before, in previous years, never together like this though. I guess i like the up temp-ness of his.
They're all fresh though.

Saratoga Sake said...

I like artie. i like the ease and the not so rush feel to it. i also like the crackle and the pops of the record which give it a more organic feel.

Quicky1508 said...

Oh hell yeah, i agree with the organic feel Sake said. I like it when records have the crackle and pop as well, it's a very natural.

djmaneone said...

style wise: louis plays the best stardust ever.

as far as just hearing the melody I like Buddy Butterfield's trumpet solo on artie shaw's version..
I don't think the crackle makes a big difference to me, any of these songs could be found on vinyl so you could hear the crackle on any one of the songs..

style is the key to all forms of rocking...

starberry said...

hoagy carmichaels version is great. it oughtta be he wrote the melody.


djmaneone said...

thanks mikey never heard his version before