Sunday, July 6, 2008

Doin' It In the Park

Yesterday, The San Diego Zulu Chapter celebrated their 2 year anniversary at Embarcadero Park. The weather was nice. The view of Coronado was awesome. It was a good day for bbq and bboying.

Dyno Rock always seems to look fresh (clothing wise) each time I see him at every jam.

It was a pretty decent turnout.

Nothing like some fresh burgers on the grill. I partook of some veggie burgers (not shown.)

Kari, Julz, and Auren getting some beads ready for our new graduates. Biggups to Raff, Bookum, and E-Swift for going through the whole Zulu Nation Process and becoming official members that day.

On another note, check out Kid Nasty from Cypher City Kings. He got his hair permmed. E-swift told me that he's going to grow his out now.


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Skeme Richards said...

Sounds like it was a great time!