Wednesday, July 2, 2008

NOT WONDERFUL......Round 1

Trying to make Big Band Swing when you don't have a Big Band is difficult. Some say it might be impossible, but I believe it's possible. Quality-wise, well that's another story. But I figured I'd give it a shot and take time with this one. I took Basie's S'wonderful and filtered it to make it my bassline. I figured I'd probably never sound like Walter Page with Garageband bass sounds, so I'd just sample it. Listening to it again, it's way too loud. I'll make a note to turn that down. I've rearranged the horns from the song to fit into the song. The cheesy piano and tenor sax sounds are from Garage Band, and are ideas I have for background improvisational sounds if I ever hire real musicians to play it out or if I decide to purchase some real instruments myself. Drum programming is from the drum major. Horns were sampled from the original song and arranged on the MPC. The incredible singing (haha not) is from no other than the Crown Prince of Rhythm. I wish I had Starberry Sweet here to sing the tune. But it was fun. It was fun, hearing myself with a nice microphone. But hearing yourself through the microphone and listening to the end result is totally different haha. It's like when I break, I think I'm the shit when I go out, but when I watch it, I look really wack and slow. Any ways, here's a sample. Feel free to tell me what you don't like.


stormko said...

You're off key.

djmaneone said...

I know

stormko said...

Hey, but you put it on the line!

That was manly.

Skeme Richards said...

Your a mad man Mane, good shit!