Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Invert Signal

When I started making beats there were always particular songs I wanted to sample, but had difficulty doing so because the artist's voice was in it. I always wished there was that secret machine out there that allowed you to take out the shitty vocals from a song. I never found it. I even tried using Kareoke machines, it didn't happen. Well 12 years later, I've come the closest to taking out the vocals to a song. You can still hear the artist's voice in the background, but barely. With Pro-tools, one of the Audio presets is Invert, which allows you to split the stereo tracks and have some sounds cancel each other out. Interesting isn't it. I'll probably never use this technique in any of my songs, but I guess it was fun coming across and finally coming close to doing so. Now I just have to practice my windmills.

Albert Jone's Mother Nature Test w/o vocals

This is a good example of mastering the skill. Some person took Stevie's voice out completely. Crazy huh?

I've never heard Stevie put out an instrumental album of his songs before. It seems unlikely that he would. Who knows?


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