Thursday, July 3, 2008

Round 3 Joys of Filtering

I filtered bass sounds from Garage Band. Noticed they do sound less fake from the stock keyboard sound.
Guitar sounds maybe subject to removal from this rough draft. I also filtered some of the drums, so that they
have a dirtier quality. Next mission, to get rid of the monotonous melodies I'm creating. The majority
of sounds came from the keyboard. Drum sounds sampled of course.



stormko said...

Now, keep in mind that I only listened to this on my MacBook speakers (which suck), but it sounded like the bass volume was low.

There's also, to my ear, an oddity to the keys your pairing up together in your different samples. I'm not sure how to explain the emotion it carries.

djmaneone said...

does the bass sound seem fake or does it sound real?

I'm sure the off and out of key sounds don't hold well in your ear, right now I'm trying to figure out which keys from garage band actually sound like real instruments...

But yeah, the keys are off...back to the drawing board